Cool Misting Pumps, Fans, Filters and Components

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Ruby Nozz .2mm Anti Drip (#2)

Ruby Nozzle 0.2mm with anti drip spring.Cool Misting Nozzles (Ruby Tip)The tip of the nozzle is made with a industrial grade ruby which helps avoid calcium build up within the tip which could cause clogging.

12/24 to 10/24 Adapter

Adapting a 12/24 thread to a 10/24 thread.

Ruby Nozz .1mm Anti Drip (#0)

Ruby Nozzle .10mm i.e. .003" with 200 psi anti drip spring

Ruby nozz .5mm Anti Drip #5

Ruby nozz .5mm Anti Drip #5high pressure ruby nozzle with anti drip spring

10″ Double Filter – Fully Assembled

10″ Double Filter Housing fully assembled.  Does not include calcium filter or sediment filter. Includes: 3/8″ Push To Connect Inlet

Low Pressure Switch

Low Pressure Switch with 3/8″  inlet/outlet to make sure the pump doesn’t turn on when the water pressure is to

10″ Mist Ring (4 Nozzles)

10" Stainless Steel Mist Ring (black powder coated).

10″ Filter Housing

10″ Filter Housing with 1/2″ fip inlet and outlets.  No Push To Connect fittings included.

1/4″ HP Black Tubing (500 Roll)

1/4" high pressure black nylon 500' roll, 3,000 psi burst, 1000 psi safe operating

1/2 GPM High Pressure Pump – without Cycling

This is our most common build, This is a .4 gpm high pressure pump capable of up to 1500 psi. built in pressure regulator, inlet solenoid, gauge, thermal relief valve, 3/8" ptc inlet and 1/4" ptc outlet

Pump Cover (Hard)

Plastic pump cover will greatly increase the life of your pump, and recommended for ALL installations where the pump will be outdoors in the rain.

15″ Mist Ring

15" Stainless Steel Mist Ring  4 nozzle 10-24 nozzle threaded Mist Ring comes with nothing other than the ring. Optional accessories shown are a shutoff valve and a ptc inlet fitting as well as nozzles these are all separate

Fully Assembled Cycle Timer with Remote

Cycle Timer with Remote turns a standard pump that turns Off and On with the power switch, into a Pump

3/8″ HP Black Tubing (500 Roll)

3/8" HIGH PRESSURE BLACK, nylon 500' roll, 3,000 psi burst, 1000 psi safe operating