Mosquito Misting Systems and Components

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Slimline Mosquito Nozzle

Best value highest quality mosquito nozzle in the industry !

1/4″ Nozzle Adapter – 45 degree

45 degree plug fit nozzle adapter x 10-24 female nozzle thread.

Steinen/Hago 4023 Nozzle

1 New Hago misting tip to replace clogged nozzles.

Camozzi 45 degree adapter

Nozzle Adapters are designed to adapt a push lock fitting to a slimline nozzle with a 10/24 thread. They come

Sector (1 Gallon Bottle)

Sector misting concentrate is a water based insecticide designed for misting systems.

15″ Riser Kit – 45 Degree Adapter

From: $25.17
15" Copper Riser with 45 degree adapter

1/4″ Nozzle Adapter – Straight

1/4" plugfit straight nozzle adapter with 10-24 female thread.

1/4″ LP Black Tubing (500ft Roll)

Low Pressure Nylon tubing is rated for 1,000psi burst operating at 240psi. Colors are available in Black, White, or Tan. Any other custom colors are available for an up charge with a 1 month lead time.

NEW Mesh Slimline Mosq. Nozzle Tip

Best value highest quality mosquito nozzle in the industry !

MistAway Gen 1.3 without agitation (NO DRUM)

MistAway Gen 1.3 Mosquito misting system with electronic anti-siphon solenoid (Leak detection and drum sold separately)

Brass Pump Mosquito 107 GPH

Mosquito misting pump will work with most all system types... Your current pump needs to be replaced if you are hearing a loud noise, have checked all the filters, and your simply not getting any pressure, but the motor is still turning.

30″ Riser Kit – 45 Degree Adapter

From: $30.42
30″ Copper Riser with all the hardware you need except for the slimline nozzle.

15″ Riser Kit – Straight Adapter

From: $24.67
15" Copper Riser and Stabilizer Group

Naprovit Pro Plus

1/2 gallon makes 55 gallons of finished product.

1/4″ LP White Tubing (500ft Roll)

1/4" Nylon tubing with safe operating pressure at 240 psi, burst @ 1,000 psi 500' spool.

MistAway Gen III+ System

Gen III tankless mosquito misting system